Visit to Swindon Art Gallery

A contemplative momentThe Swindon Museum and Art Gallery has had several positive reviews and mentions in the national and local press recently and we were looking forward to our visit. We were not disappointed. Our tour was guided by the curator of the museum, Sarah Cummings, who provided an excellent insight into the history of the museum in general as well as the specific exhibits.

The gallery is quite compact but still managed to show two collections to good effect.  “Going to Town: Scenes of Urban Life” featured works by local artists Royston Bizley, Walter Poole as well as works by John Nash, L.S Lowry and Walter Sickert. The second collection, “A Weather Eye: Light and Landscape”, featured paintings by Alfred Wallis, CRW Nevison, Mary Potter and David Bomberg to name but a few.

Like many museums, Swindon is only able to show a small part of its collection and endeavours to change its displays in April, September and January each year. It is certainly worth a visit. Looking forward, the Museum is hopeful of moving to larger premises in the centre of the town to be able to show more of its own collection and provide a facility to house travelling art collections for the local community.  This is going to be quite a challenge as we see harsh cuts to services all around us but we wish them well and hope it is successful.

The gallery is open normally from 11am to 3pm from Wednesday to Saturdays although times do vary in school holidays and Bank Holidays so it is best to check before you go. Admission is free, unless as we did, you organise a group visit outside of normal opening. I have to say that this seemed to be a worthwhile expense.

As you would expect the museum has a website which can be found by clicking here .