Flora & Fauna Group

The group meets once a month between March and October at various sites.  The aim is to learn about the local flora and fauna.  We try to identify wild flowers (including grasses), trees, fungi and insects (including butterflies).  Our recordings are listed below.

Pauline Everett – Group Leader flora.fauna@u3ainkennet.org.uk

The 2017 Plant List can be seen below or viewed by clicking the link below:
Flora and Fauna 2017

The 2016 Plant List can be seen below or viewed by clicking the link below:
Flora and Fauna 2016

Earlier years can be seen at: Flora and Fauna 2012-2016

U3A Kennet – Flora & Fauna Group – 2017 Plant List

11 April – from Cobb’s Farmshop, Hungerford

Plants (in flower) dandelion, germander speedwell, common field speedwell, ground ivy, white deadnettle, daisies, celandines, groundsel, hairy bittercress, cow parsley, lords & ladies (arum lily), bluebell, dog’s mercury, common dog violet, ribwort plantain, wild strawberry, primrose, hedge garlic, cuckoo flower (lady’s smock), marsh marigolds, common mouse-ear, shepherd’s purse, red deadnettle, green alkanet

meadow foxtail grass, smooth meadow grass, common whitlowgrass grass,

Trees/shrubs  (in flower) blackthorn, wayfaring, crack willow, elder, apple
Other birds – (seen) skylark, partridge, woodpigeon, red kite, buzzard, chaffinch, great tit, magpie, sparrow, pied wagtail, Canada geese, peacocks

(heard) –  wren, goldfinch, greenfinch, pheasant, blackcap, chiffchaff, long tailed tit, nuthatch, greater spotted woodpecker,  Cetti’s warbler.

insects – queen wasp, buff tailed & white tailed bumble bees, large bee fly

other – brown trout

9 May 2017 – Beckhampton/Cherhill Downs 
SU 078693

Plants (in flower) dandelion, white deadnettle, cow parsley, kidney vetch, buttercup, ivy leaved speedwell, germander speedwell, ground ivy, stinging nettle, cowslip, creeping buttercup, bulbous buttercup, wood avens, herb robert, arum lily, sanicle, bluebells, white bluebells, common dog-violet,  ribwort plantain, silverweed, salad burnet, red campion, bush vetch, bittersweet, rock rose, horseshoe vetch, chalk milkwort, mignonette, groundsel, daisy, shepherd’s purse, colt’s-foot, hogweed, rough hawkbit, beaked hawk’s-beard.

grasses in flower – barren brome, upright brome, cocksfoot, glaucous sedge

Trees/shrubs  (in flower) sycamore, ash, hawthorn, elderflower, apple
Other birds – (seen) chaffinch, carrion crow, sparrow, robin, blackbird, goldfinches, yellowhammer. swallow

(heard) –  wren, meadow pipit, willow warbler,

insects – hover fly, various bumble bees, crane fly,

butterflies – red admiral, orange tip, small copper

other – garden & banded snails, garden tiger moth caterpillar, roe deer

13 June 2017 – Stroud’s Hill, Chiseldon SU 187798

Plants (in flower) groundsel, shepherd’s purse, common field speedwell, wall speedwell, annual pearlwort, daisy, short-fruited willowherb, sticky mouse-ear, ribwort plantain, black medick, buttercup, dandelion, field forget-me-not, chickweed, smooth sowthistle, sun spurge, creeping cinquefoil, knotgrass, white clover, lesser trefoil, herb bennet (wood avens), hoary willowherb, nipplewort, herb robert, lady’s smock, germander speedwell, scarlet pimpernel, cow parsley, field bindweed, common mallow, stinging nettle, goose grass, bramble, woundwort, ground elder, Welsh poppy, hogweed, yellow iris, common comfrey, brooklime, broad-leaved dock, red campion, dog rose, common spotted orchid, cut-leaved crane’s-bill, meadow crane’s-bill, creeping thistle, water forget-me-not, aquilegia, ground ivy, hedge crane’s-bill, white deadnettle, bush vetch, marsh thistle, red clover, greater bindweed, bittersweet

grasses in flower – soft brome, false oat, barren brome, rye, smooth meadow, wall barley, red fescue, Yorkshire fog, cock’s-foot, crested dog’s tail, pendulous sedge

Trees/shrubs  (in flower) elder, cornus (dogwood),
Other birds – (seen) blackbird, robin, woodpigeon, magpie

(heard)  nuthatch, blackcap, song thrush, jackdaw, wren, chiffchaff

insects – buff tailed bumblebee, hoverflies

other – hart’s tongue fern, male fern, soft shield fern, broad buckler fern, banded snail, copse snail, grey squirrel

11 July  2017 – SU 159700  Red Post/ Fyfield Down

Plants (in flower)  creeping buttercup, meadow crane’s-bill, hogweed, field poppy, scentless mayweed, knotgrass, pineapple weed, greater plantain, fat-hen, nipplewort, hedge mustard, white campion, red campion, black bindweed, creeping thistle, spear thistle, white clover, fool’s parsley, field forget-me-not, willowherb, common fumitory, prickly sowthistle, black medick, ragwort, hedge woundwort, bramble, red bartsia, meadow vetchling, dandelion, lesser burdock, ribwort plantain, yarrow, stinging nettle, herb robert, rough chervil, wood avens, white deadnettle, broad-leaved dock,

grasses in flower – barren brome, soft brome, black grass, smaller cat’s-tail, cock’s foot, giant fescue

Trees/shrubs  (in flower) elderflower
Other birds –woodpigeon, red kite, yellowhammer, magpie, chaffinch, blackbird

insects – soldier beetle

other – garden snail

8 August 2017 – SU 151615  Bristow Bridge, Pewsey Vale

Plants (in flower) – wood avens (herb bennet), ivy, lesser burdock, greater plantain, red campion, scentless mayweed, herb robert, wood dock, broad-leaved dock, stinging nettle, nipplewort, spear thistle, bramble, greater celandine, white bryony, mugwort, groundsel, pineapple weed, white deadnettle, autumn hawkbit, knotgrass, spear-leaved orache, gipsywort, ribwort plantain, black medick, scarlet pimpernel, hedge bindweed, orange balsam, reed mace, branched bur-reed, angelica, skullcap, ragwort, daisy, smooth hawksbeard, common comfrey, yarrow, creeping buttercup, prickly sowthistle, white clover, dandelion, hogweed, hedge woundwort, common valerian, great willowherb, meadowsweet

grasses in flower –  rough meadow, reed sweetgrass,reed canary, tufted hair, false brome, false oat, cock’s-foot

Trees/shrubs  (berries) – hawthorn, warfaring tree,

 Douglas fir cone (green)

Other birds – chaffinch, woodpigeon, robin, green woodpecker (h), buzzard (h), mallards

insects – hoverfly, greenbottle fly, bluebottle fly, bumble bees

other – white lipped snail, oak gall

ferns –  male fern, bracken, Polypodium fern

fungi –  clustered bonnet

11 September 2017 –   SU 115638 Knap Hill

Plants (in flower) – dandelion, stinging nettle, silverweed, knotgrass, red bartsia, hogweed, meadow crane’s-bill, white deadnettle, hoary ragwort, meadow buttercup, hedge bedstraw, yarrow, bittersweet, greater knapweed, ladies bedstraw, red clover, rough hawkbit, creeping thistle, meadow vetchling, small scabious, harebell, devilsbit scabious, rock rose, wild basil, hawkweed oxtongue, bramble, self heal, black knapweed, greater plantain, white clover, daisy, common mouse-ear, eyebright, burnet saxifrage, common ragwort, wild carrot, clustered bellflower, sawwort, sainfoin, bird’s-foot trefoil, wild thyme, squinancywort, fairy flax, betony, nipplewort, common chickweed, shepherd’s purse, groundsel, pineapple weed, hybrid tuberous thistle   Cirsium x medium (C. tuberosum x C. acaule).

grasses in flower –  lesser cat’s-tail, annual meadow, rye

Trees/shrubs  (berries) – hawthorn, elderberries, privet, spindle, rosehips
Birds rooks, jackdaw, woodpigeon, swallows, lesser black back gull, kestrel, house martin, meadow pipits, ravens


red admiral, comma, large white, red admiral caterpillar. 

Silver-Y (?)

Other insects – bluebottle fly, red-tailed bumble bee, 7-spot ladybird, craneflies, grasshopper, harvestman spider, Ichneumon wasp (Netelia testacea)

snails – white lipped, banded and garden

fungi snowy inkcap

10 October 2017 –   SU 178896  Stanton Park


Plants (in flower) – dandelion, white deadnettle, stinging nettle, greater bindweed, hogweed, nipplewort, ivy, herb robert, bramble, herb bennet, cyclamen
Trees/shrubs  (berries) – hawthorn, black bryony, privet 
Birds (seen) – woodpigeon, wren, moorhen, mute swans, mallards, coots, black headed gull, robin, crow

(heard) – green woodpecker

Fungi honey fungus, turkeytail, splitgill,

(not confirmed – alder bracket, beech tarcrust, beech woodwart)

Other grey squirrel

hornets (nesting in bird box)



The 2015 Plant List can be seen below or viewed by clicking the link below:
Plant list 2015