Flora & Fauna Group

The group meets once a month between March and October at various sites.  The aim is to learn about the local flora and fauna.  We try to identify wild flowers (including grasses), trees, fungi and insects (including butterflies).  Our recordings are listed below.

Pauline Everett – Group Leader flora.fauna@u3ainkennet.org.uk

The 2016 Plant List can be seen below or viewed by clicking the link below:
Flora and Fauna 2016

Earlier years can be seen at: Flora and Fauna 2012 – 2015

U3A Kennet – Flora & Fauna Group – 2016 List

8 March – SU 270715 Ramsbury

Plants (in flower) snowdrops, dandelions, white deadnettle, king cups, daisy, primrose, butterbur, ivy (flowers & berries),
Trees (in flower) blackthorn

Wayfaring (dried fruits)

Birds wren, robins, coal tit

12 April – Aldbourne (upwards from the sports ground)

Plants (in flower) dandelion, bitter cress, white deadnettle, groundsel, germander speedwell, field speedwell, lesser celandine, violet (dark spur), dog rose, white rose, bluebells (hybrid), white bells, forget me not, dog’s mercury, ground ivy, cowslip (in bud), wood anemone (wind flower)
Trees blackthorn,
Birds chaffinch, greenfinch, blackbird, coal tit, dunnock, chiffchaff, blackcap, wren, robin
Butterflies brimstone
Other buff tailed bumble bee, badger tracks

10 May – Morgan’s Hill (westwards) near Calne SU025672

Plants wild arum (Lords & Ladies), ground ivy, white dead nettle, dandelions, lesser dandelion, creeping buttercup, herb robert, dog’s mercury, common field speedwell, cowslips, cow parsley (Queen Anne’s lace), common dog violet, narrow leaved bird’s foot trefoil (in bud)
Trees beech, hazel, privet, crab apple, hawthorn (in bud)
Birds dunnock, black cap, blackbird, chiffchaff, robin, greenfinch, wren
Fauna buff tailed bumble bee, 7-spot ladybirds, red admiral, white lipped snail, brown lipped snail, garden snail

14 June – Oliver’s Castle (Roundway Hill) SU004647

Plants (in flower) common poppy, cleavers, welted thistle, hedgerow crane’s-bill, red campion, white clover, dandelion, cut-leaved crane’s-bill, common nettle, black medick, ribwort plantain, prickly sow-thistle, hogweed, broad-leaved dock, creeping buttercup, red clover, bladder campion, curled dock, common bird’s-foot-trefoil, greater knapweed, germander speedwell, wood avens, charlock, oxeye daisy, horseshoe vetch, rough hawkbit, salad burnet, common rock-rose, fairy flax, wild thyme, mouse-ear-hawkweed, saw-wort, yellow-wort, common mouse-ear, small scabious, hoary plantain, ground-ivy, sainfoin, goat’s-beard, yellow-rattle, common milkwort, selfheal, tansy,

pyramidal orchid, common spotted-orchid, bee orchid, fragrant orchid, lesser butterfly-orchid, early-purple orchid, common twayblade.

grasses – false oat, rough meadow, perennial rye, cocksfoot, sterile brome, Yorkshire fog, crested hair, quaking grass, upright brome,

Trees elderflower, red hawthorn
Birds blackbird, yellowhammer (h), red kite, swallow, robin (h), chiffchaff (h),
Fauna white mouthed snail, brown slug, garden snail, large skipper butterfly (m), various bees, garden chafer, six-spot burnet moth, beautiful demoiselle damselfly (m),

12 July – Stroud’s Hill, Chiseldon SU 187798

Plants (in flower) knotgrass, broad-leaved dock, red campion, creeping buttercup, Welsh poppy, opposite-leaved golden saxifrage, creeping cinquefoil, bush vetch, common bird’s-foot-trefoil, black medick, red & white clovers, herb robert, cut-leaved crane’s-bill, meadow crane’s-bill, hedge crane’s-bill, sun spurge, great willowherb, broad-leaved willowherb, upright hedge parsley, hogweed, ground elder, fool’s water cress, hedge bindweed, large bindweed, field bindweed, lady’s bedstraw (yellow), hedge bedstraw (white), common comfrey (cream), water forget-me-not or waterside forget-me-not, selfheal, hedge woundwort, marsh woundwort, great mullein, water figwort, meadow sweet, white deadnettle, bittersweet, common mallow, ivy-leaved toadflax, ribwort plantain, pineapple weed, common ragwort, creeping thistle, common blue sowthistle, autumn hawkbit, smooth sowthistle, prickly sowthistle, herb bennet, enchanter’s nightshade, stinging nettle, cleavers, purple loosestrife.

grasses – smooth brome, Yorkshire fog, false brome, false oat, common bent, smooth meadow, rye, crested dog’s tail, pendulus sedge, branched burr reed.

ferns – hart’s tongue, broad buckler, soft shield, male.

Fungi russula (specie not identified), bracket (Dryad’s saddle).
Butterflies marbled white, meadow browns, comma, small skipper, ringlets, large white
Birds magpie, chaffinch, carrion crow, house martin, chiffchaff, wren, blackbird, goldfinch, wood pigeon, robin, dunnock.
Fauna white lipped snails, black beetle, baby frog, bumble bees, hoverflies

9 August 2016 – from Cobb’s farmshop to Freeman’s Marsh, Froxfield SU 320685 

Plants autumn hawkbit, bittersweet, blue water-speedwell, bramble, clustered dock, common comfrey, common mouse-ear, creeping thistle, daisy, dandelion, field bindweed, field forget-me-not, field scabious, fool’s-water-cress, great willowherb, greater bird’s-foot-trefoil, greater plantain, green alkanet, hedge bindweed, hemp-agrimony, herb-robert, hogweed, hop trefoil, lesser spearwort, marsh thistle, marsh woundwort, meadow buttercup, meadowsweet, monkeyflower (mimulus), mugwort, nipplewort, orange balsam, orange hawkweed (fox-and-cubs), pineappleweed, prickly sow-thistle, purple-loosestrife, ragged-robin, red bartsia, red clover, ribwort plantain, rosebay willowherb, selfheal, smooth hawk’s-beard, spear thistle, square-stalked St John’s-wort, tufted vetch, upright hedge-parsley, water dock, water figwort, water mint, water-cress, white clover, yarrow (millfoil) white & pink.

American willowherb, fen bedstraw, gypsywort, marsh-bedstraw, meadow buttercup, silverweed, water forget-me-not, white dead-nettle.

Trees Italian alder (at Cobb’s), English Alder (on Freeman’s Marsh)
Other Birds – Freeman’s Marsh – robin, wren, coot, rook, wood pigeon.

Cobbs farmshop – 6 pied wagtails (mostly youngsters), swallows ++

Insects small  bumble bees, whitish butterflies, gatekeepers, little whitish moths.


13 September 2016 – Lower Moor Farm SU 007939

Plants (in flower) black medick, groundsel, stinging nettle, common cat’s ear, dandelion, ragwort, ribbed plantain, autumn hawkbit, white clover, white campion, yarrow, white deadnettle, bittersweet, toadflax, wood avens, creeping thistle, common chickweed, silverweed, hogweed, upright hedge parsley, smooth hawksbeard, bramble, smooth sowthistle, ivy, reed mace, water figwort, angelica, clustered dock, gypsywort, hemp agrimony, hedge bindweed, fleabane, watermint, St John’s wort, greater willowherb, hoary willowherb, herb robert, hedge woundwort, pink campion, nipplewort, enchanters nightshade, red clover, tufted vetch, grey club rush, lords & ladies/arum lily, bristly ox-tongue, common club rush


(fruits) – acorns, cob nuts, hawthorn berries, blackberries, elderberries, apples, dewberries, guelder rose
Other blackbird, mute swans, Canada geese, mallard, collared dove, wren, robin, moorhen, cygnets, heron, white-mouthed snail, daddy longlegs, various bees, red admiral butterfly, small white butterfly, hart’s tongue fern, male fern, scaly male fern, various fungi including turkey tail.

11 October 2016 – West Woods, Lockeridge SU 153673

Plants (in flower) stinging nettle, great willowherb, blackberry (flowers & fruit), wood avens, common figwort, wood sedge, tufted hair grass, herb robert, hedge woundwort, broad buckler fern, wood spurge, male fern, lady fern,
Fungi Artist’s bracket, stump puffball, sulphur tuft, turkey tail, common yellow russula, beech woodwart, tar-spot (on sycamore).


(fruits) hawthorn,
Other robin, crow, woodpigeon, buzzard (h), wren (h), chaffinch.


The 2015 Plant List can be seen below or viewed by clicking the link below:
Plant list 2015