Flora and Fauna 2012 – 2016 Archive

Records of sightings for the Natural History Group for 2012,  2013 and 2014 and 2015 and 2016

Report by Pauline, Photo by Geoff Taylor.

U3A Kennet – Flora & Fauna Group – 2016 List

8 March – SU 270715 Ramsbury

Plants (in flower) snowdrops, dandelions, white deadnettle, king cups, daisy, primrose, butterbur, ivy (flowers & berries),
Trees (in flower) blackthorn

Wayfaring (dried fruits)

Birds wren, robins, coal tit

12 April – Aldbourne (upwards from the sports ground)

Plants (in flower) dandelion, bitter cress, white deadnettle, groundsel, germander speedwell, field speedwell, lesser celandine, violet (dark spur), dog rose, white rose, bluebells (hybrid), white bells, forget me not, dog’s mercury, ground ivy, cowslip (in bud), wood anemone (wind flower)
Trees blackthorn,
Birds chaffinch, greenfinch, blackbird, coal tit, dunnock, chiffchaff, blackcap, wren, robin
Butterflies brimstone
Other buff tailed bumble bee, badger tracks

10 May – Morgan’s Hill (westwards) near Calne SU025672

Plants wild arum (Lords & Ladies), ground ivy, white dead nettle, dandelions, lesser dandelion, creeping buttercup, herb robert, dog’s mercury, common field speedwell, cowslips, cow parsley (Queen Anne’s lace), common dog violet, narrow leaved bird’s foot trefoil (in bud)
Trees beech, hazel, privet, crab apple, hawthorn (in bud)
Birds dunnock, black cap, blackbird, chiffchaff, robin, greenfinch, wren
Fauna buff tailed bumble bee, 7-spot ladybirds, red admiral, white lipped snail, brown lipped snail, garden snail

14 June – Oliver’s Castle (Roundway Hill) SU004647

Plants (in flower) common poppy, cleavers, welted thistle, hedgerow crane’s-bill, red campion, white clover, dandelion, cut-leaved crane’s-bill, common nettle, black medick, ribwort plantain, prickly sow-thistle, hogweed, broad-leaved dock, creeping buttercup, red clover, bladder campion, curled dock, common bird’s-foot-trefoil, greater knapweed, germander speedwell, wood avens, charlock, oxeye daisy, horseshoe vetch, rough hawkbit, salad burnet, common rock-rose, fairy flax, wild thyme, mouse-ear-hawkweed, saw-wort, yellow-wort, common mouse-ear, small scabious, hoary plantain, ground-ivy, sainfoin, goat’s-beard, yellow-rattle, common milkwort, selfheal, tansy,

pyramidal orchid, common spotted-orchid, bee orchid, fragrant orchid, lesser butterfly-orchid, early-purple orchid, common twayblade.

grasses – false oat, rough meadow, perennial rye, cocksfoot, sterile brome, Yorkshire fog, crested hair, quaking grass, upright brome,

Trees elderflower, red hawthorn
Birds blackbird, yellowhammer (h), red kite, swallow, robin (h), chiffchaff (h),
Fauna white mouthed snail, brown slug, garden snail, large skipper butterfly (m), various bees, garden chafer, six-spot burnet moth, beautiful demoiselle damselfly (m),

12 July – Stroud’s Hill, Chiseldon SU 187798

Plants (in flower) knotgrass, broad-leaved dock, red campion, creeping buttercup, Welsh poppy, opposite-leaved golden saxifrage, creeping cinquefoil, bush vetch, common bird’s-foot-trefoil, black medick, red & white clovers, herb robert, cut-leaved crane’s-bill, meadow crane’s-bill, hedge crane’s-bill, sun spurge, great willowherb, broad-leaved willowherb, upright hedge parsley, hogweed, ground elder, fool’s water cress, hedge bindweed, large bindweed, field bindweed, lady’s bedstraw (yellow), hedge bedstraw (white), common comfrey (cream), water forget-me-not or waterside forget-me-not, selfheal, hedge woundwort, marsh woundwort, great mullein, water figwort, meadow sweet, white deadnettle, bittersweet, common mallow, ivy-leaved toadflax, ribwort plantain, pineapple weed, common ragwort, creeping thistle, common blue sowthistle, autumn hawkbit, smooth sowthistle, prickly sowthistle, herb bennet, enchanter’s nightshade, stinging nettle, cleavers, purple loosestrife.

grasses – smooth brome, Yorkshire fog, false brome, false oat, common bent, smooth meadow, rye, crested dog’s tail, pendulus sedge, branched burr reed.

ferns – hart’s tongue, broad buckler, soft shield, male.

Fungi russula (specie not identified), bracket (Dryad’s saddle).
Butterflies marbled white, meadow browns, comma, small skipper, ringlets, large white
Birds magpie, chaffinch, carrion crow, house martin, chiffchaff, wren, blackbird, goldfinch, wood pigeon, robin, dunnock.
Fauna white lipped snails, black beetle, baby frog, bumble bees, hoverflies

9 August 2016 – from Cobb’s farmshop to Freeman’s Marsh, Froxfield SU 320685 

Plants autumn hawkbit, bittersweet, blue water-speedwell, bramble, clustered dock, common comfrey, common mouse-ear, creeping thistle, daisy, dandelion, field bindweed, field forget-me-not, field scabious, fool’s-water-cress, great willowherb, greater bird’s-foot-trefoil, greater plantain, green alkanet, hedge bindweed, hemp-agrimony, herb-robert, hogweed, hop trefoil, lesser spearwort, marsh thistle, marsh woundwort, meadow buttercup, meadowsweet, monkeyflower (mimulus), mugwort, nipplewort, orange balsam, orange hawkweed (fox-and-cubs), pineappleweed, prickly sow-thistle, purple-loosestrife, ragged-robin, red bartsia, red clover, ribwort plantain, rosebay willowherb, selfheal, smooth hawk’s-beard, spear thistle, square-stalked St John’s-wort, tufted vetch, upright hedge-parsley, water dock, water figwort, water mint, water-cress, white clover, yarrow (millfoil) white & pink.

American willowherb, fen bedstraw, gypsywort, marsh-bedstraw, meadow buttercup, silverweed, water forget-me-not, white dead-nettle.

Trees Italian alder (at Cobb’s), English Alder (on Freeman’s Marsh)
Other Birds – Freeman’s Marsh – robin, wren, coot, rook, wood pigeon.

Cobbs farmshop – 6 pied wagtails (mostly youngsters), swallows ++

Insects small  bumble bees, whitish butterflies, gatekeepers, little whitish moths.


13 September 2016 – Lower Moor Farm SU 007939

Plants (in flower) black medick, groundsel, stinging nettle, common cat’s ear, dandelion, ragwort, ribbed plantain, autumn hawkbit, white clover, white campion, yarrow, white deadnettle, bittersweet, toadflax, wood avens, creeping thistle, common chickweed, silverweed, hogweed, upright hedge parsley, smooth hawksbeard, bramble, smooth sowthistle, ivy, reed mace, water figwort, angelica, clustered dock, gypsywort, hemp agrimony, hedge bindweed, fleabane, watermint, St John’s wort, greater willowherb, hoary willowherb, herb robert, hedge woundwort, pink campion, nipplewort, enchanters nightshade, red clover, tufted vetch, grey club rush, lords & ladies/arum lily, bristly ox-tongue, common club rush


(fruits) – acorns, cob nuts, hawthorn berries, blackberries, elderberries, apples, dewberries, guelder rose
Other blackbird, mute swans, Canada geese, mallard, collared dove, wren, robin, moorhen, cygnets, heron, white-mouthed snail, daddy longlegs, various bees, red admiral butterfly, small white butterfly, hart’s tongue fern, male fern, scaly male fern, various fungi including turkey tail.

11 October 2016 – West Woods, Lockeridge SU 153673

Plants (in flower) stinging nettle, great willowherb, blackberry (flowers & fruit), wood avens, common figwort, wood sedge, tufted hair grass, herb robert, hedge woundwort, broad buckler fern, wood spurge, male fern, lady fern,
Fungi Artist’s bracket, stump puffball, sulphur tuft, turkey tail, common yellow russula, beech woodwart, tar-spot (on sycamore).


(fruits) hawthorn,
Other robin, crow, woodpigeon, buzzard (h), wren (h), chaffinch.


U3A Kennet – Flora & Fauna Group – 2015 List

10 March – Great Bedwyn (Church to K&A Canal and Bedwyn Braille) SU 278642

Plants (in flower) daisy, lesser celandine, snowdrop, dandelion, red deadnettle, speedwell (ivy-leaved), hairy bittercress, groundsel, sweet violet, butterbur, daffodil, gorse, dog’s mercury, primrose.

ferns – Hart’s tongue, wall rue, black spleenwort, soft shield fern, scaly male fern.

moss – tortula muralis

lichen – various orange and white

Trees (in flower) Yew, hazel
Birds chaffinch, great tit, woodpigeon, mallards, mute swan, blackbird, red kite, blue tit, bullfinch (m), pheasant, wren, goldfinch, skylarks (h), jackdaw
Other frogspawn

14 April – Morgan’s Hill (WWT Reserve) near Calne SU025672

Plants (in flower) dandelion, common field speedwell, daisy, lesser celandine, cow parsley, honesty, white deadnettle, herb robert, red campion, cowslips, ground ivy, hairy violet, common whitlowgrass, coltsfoot, lords and ladies (arum)
Trees (in flower) blackthorn

(berries) juniper

Birds jackdaw, green woodpecker, meadow pipits, magpie, buzzard, dunnock,  crow, robin, swallow

heard – chiffchaff, willow warbler, skylark, pheasant, blue tit, great tit, wren, chaffinch

Butterflies peacock, brimstone, small tortoiseshell
Other bumble bee (carder), solitary bee, large bee-fly, garden snail, white lipped snail, banded snail, greenbottle fly, housefly, queen wasp, 5-spot ladybird, stoat

12 May 2015 – from Cobb’s farmshop to woodland & Freeman’s Marsh, Hungerford

Plants (in flower) germander speedwell, wood avens, goose grass, white deadnettle, daisy, common vetch, ground ivy, common mouse-ear, common chickweed, dandelion, meadow buttercup, cow parsley, lesser trefoil, wall speedwell, bulbous buttercup, field forget-me-not, bittercress, groundsel, ribwort plantain, wild strawberry, wintercress, greater stitchwort, lords and ladies (arum), dog’s mercury, meadow vetchling, wild parsnip, bluebell, hedge mustard, silverweed,  Russian comfrey, red campion, coltsfoot, greater celandine, hedge garlic, bugle, yellow archangel, marsh marigold, thyme-leaved speedwell, cuckoo flower (lady’s smock), yellow flags, red deadnettle, green alkanet
Grasses (in flower) false oat, meadow foxtail, meadow, cocksfoot, barren brome, soft brome.

Greater tussock sedge

Trees (in flower) May, goat willow, elderflower, crack willow, apple, wayfaring-tree
Birds swallows, jackdaws, peacock (h) crows, rook, lapwing, blackcap (h), pheasant, cormorant, nuthatch (h), mallard, red kite, greenfinch, chiffchaff, skylark, dunnock (h), blue tit, sedge warbler.
Other butterflies – peacock, small tortoiseshell, brimstone

buff-tailed bumblebee, 5 and 7 spot ladybirds, brown hare, brown trout

9 June  2015 – Lower Moor Farm, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

  Plants (in flower) common twayblade, common spotted orchid,

creeping buttercup, ribwort plantain, cat’s ear, red clover, daisy, cut-leafed cranesbill, white clover, meadow buttercup, mouse-eared chickweed, broad leafed dock, black medick, yellow rattle, stinging nettle, common vetch, silverweed, herb bennet, beaked hawksbeard, field forget-me-not, ox-eye daisies, white campion, herb robert, goose grass, prickly sowthistle, willowherb, pineapple weed, welted thistle, dewberry, ground ivy, cow parsley, self heal, red campion, giant hogweed, common sorrel, hedge woundwort, dog rose, bittersweet, hedge garlic, hedge mustard, bugle, bird’s foot trefoil, germander speedwell, sweet rocket, water figwort, creeping cinquefoil, white bryony, kidney vetch, hemlock, wintercress, lesser trefoil, dandelion, orange hawkweed (fox and cubs), yellow flag iris, white waterlily

Grasses (in flower) foxtail, Yorkshire fog, annual meadow, false oat, cocksfoot, tall fescue (crested dog’s tail), Italian rye, barren brome

sedges – false fox, glaucus, prickly, hairy, pendulus

rushes – common club, grey club, hard, spike

Trees (in flower) May, elderflower, dogwood, guelder rose, white willow
Birds mute swans and cygnets, moorhen, cormorant, heron, swallows,

heard – willow warbler, chiffchaff, greater spotted woodpecker, robin, song thrush, wren, blackcap,

Other buff-tailed bumblebee, 5 spot ladybird, four-spotted chaser (dragonfly), azure damselfly (f), common blue damselfly (m), white lipped snail, banded snail, hart’s tongue fern

Belted Galloway cattle.

14 July 2015 – Ramsbury (River Kennet area)

Plants (in flower) smooth hawk’s-beard, creeping buttercup, nipplewort, daisy, prickly sow-thistle, hedge woundwort, hogweed, field bindweed, large bindweed, herb-Robert, snowberry, rosebay willowherb, ground-elder, red clover, perforate St John’s-wort, selfheal, bramble, black medick, hemp-agrimony, cut-leaved crane’s-bill, white clover, greater plantain, field forget-me-not, knotgrass, hedgerow crane’s-bill, hedge mustard, ribwort plantain, common mallow, purple toadflax, meadow crane’s-bill, sun spurge, smooth sow-thistle, wood avens, red dead-nettle, hoary willowherb, thyme-leaved speedwell, scarlet pimpernel, pineappleweed, annual pearlwort, thale cress, common nettle, honeysuckle, broad-leaved dock, meadowsweet, common comfrey, fool’s-water-cress, water forget-me-not, shepherd’s-purse, small toadflax, water figwort, dandelion, white dead-nettle, cleavers (goosegrass), pink water-speedwell, water-starwort, germander speedwell, fool’s parsley, Russian comfrey, great willowherb, spear thistle, creeping cinquefoil, wild teasel, green alkanet, common valerian, water-cress, mugwort, white campion, creeping thistle, goat’s-rue, dove’s-foot crane’s-bill, monkeyflower (Mimulus), perennial sow-thistle, ivy-leaved toadflax
Grasses (in flower) creeping bent, cock’s-foot, false oat-grass, barren brome, perennial rye-grass, reed canary-grass
Trees/shrubs (in flower) elder, butterfly-bush (Buddleia), wild privet, a dogwood
Birds (seen) woodpigeon, blackbird, moorhen, heron, house martins, mallards

(heard) chiffchaff, wren, songthrush, greenfinch, green woodpecker

Other brown trout, belted Galloway cattle, bumble bees, dragonfly, snails

butterflies– ringlet, large white, small tortoiseshell, comma, peacock caterpillar

moths  – scarlet tiger, silver carpet moth

11 August  2015 – Knap Hill  SU 115638

  Plants (in flower) meadow crane’s bill, stinging nettle, creeping thistle, knotgrass, pineapple weed, ragwort, silverweed, white clover, greater plantain, black medick, dandelion, red clover, hogweed, bird’s foot trefoil, common field speedwell, agrimony, yarrow, cleavers (goose grass), hedge bedstraw, ladies bedstraw, greater knapweed, spiny restharrow, dwarf thistle, smooth hawk’s-beard, harebell, knapweed broomrape, meadow vetchling, meadow buttercup, wild carrot, rock rose, red bartsia, prickly sowthistle, spear thistle, small scabious, perforated St John’s wort, wild basil, black knapweed, melilot, sainfoin, ox-eye daisy, ground ivy, self heal, daisy, clustered bellflower, bastard toadflax, mouse-ear hawkweed, squinancywort, round-headed rampion, eyebright, wild thyme, saw-wort, autumn gentian (felwort), rough hawkbit, ox-tongue hawkweed, burnet saxifrage, salad burnet, carline thistle, betony, kidney vetch, ribwort plantain, hoary plantain, fairy flax, hybrid thistle, stemless dwarf thistle
Grasses (in flower) perennial rye grass, cocksfoot, creeping bent, Yorkshire fog, quaking, false oat, meadow foxtail, couch, soft brome, meadow barley
Trees/shrubs berries – spindle, elder, hawthorn
Birds (seen) pied wagtails

(heard) chaffinch

Other butterflies – common blue (m), Essex skipper, meadow brown, large white

moths – six-spot burnet, cinnabar moth caterpillar,

buff tailed and red tailed bumblebees, grasshoppers, hawthorn shield bug, soldier beetle, woodlice, 7 spot ladybird, garden snail, white lipped snail

fungi – ? boletus

white park cattle


8 September  2015 – Savernake Forest  SU198679

  Plants (in flower) – stinging nettle, burdock, self heal, wild angelica, common plantain, creeping buttercup, common hemp nettle, wood dock (seeds), enchanters nightshade, meadow buttercup, common mouse-ear, meadowsweet, hedge woundwort, broad-leaved willow herb, herb robert, wood spurge, agrimony, herb bennet, spear thistle,
Grasses (in flower) giant fescue, cocksfoot, common fescue, tufted hair, Yorkshire fog, false brome, wood sedge
Trees/shrubs fruits  – blackberries, raspberries, sloes, hawthorn

acorns – (common oak and American red oak), oak gall (American red oak)

Birds (seen) – bullfinch (2), blackbird, woodpigeon

(heard) – blue tit, great tit

Other butterflies – speckled wood

moths – Silver Y

green bottle fly, large crane fly, dor beetles

fungi –  common earthball, common puffball, amethyst deceiver, ochre brittlegill, porcelain

moss – common haircap (Polytrichum commune)

13 October  2015 – Stanton Park, South Marston   SU178896

  Plants (in flower) – white deadnettle, common chickweed, hedge mustard, pineapple weed, redshank (Persicaria maculosa), small-flowered crane’s-bill, mugwort, common field speedwell, hogweed, herb robert, daisy, stinging nettle, nipplewort, herb bennet, welted thistle, sowthistle, greater bindweed, field horsetail, bush vetch, wild angelica, cyclamen, dandelion, ivy


Grasses/ferns (in flower) – annual meadow, tufted hair, false brome, common reed grass, hart’s tongue fern


Berries elderberries, dewberries, privet, bittersweet, black bryony, wild arum, snowberry, yew


Fungi dog-lichen, dead man’s fingers, honey fungus, tawny grisette, birch polypore, King Alfred’s cake, bay polypore


Birds (seen) – moorhen, wren, mallards, black headed gulls, magpie, mute swan, woodpigeons, crow

(heard) – nuthatch, goldcrest, long-tailed tit, robin, woodpecker


Other frog, toad



U3A Kennet – Flora & Fauna Group – 2014 Plant List 

11 March – St Katherine’s Church, Savernake SU 252649

Plants (in flower) snowdrops, dog’s mercury, primroses, daffodils, colt’s foot, daisy, gorse, lesser celandinesmosses – tortula muralis, sphagnumvarious lichens
Trees (in flower) Yew, willow
Other birds – (seen) buzzard, great tit, robin, chaffinch, pheasant, blackbird, goldfinch, woodpigeon(heard) jay, song thrush, nuthatch, greenfinch


11 March – Great Bedwyn (Church to K&A Canal) SU 278642

Plants (in flower) red deadnettle, white deadnettle, daisies, bittercress, shepherd’s purse, groundsel, lesser celandines, butterbur, chickweed, dandelionsedge (carex nigra)fern – Hart’s tonguemoss – tortula muralislichen – (orange) xanthoria parietina
Trees (in flower) Yew, prunus
Other long-tailed tit, robin, blue tit, blackbird

8 April 2014 – Freeman’s Marsh, Hungerford SU 320685

Plants (in flower) white deadnettle, dandelion, Spanish bluebell, green alkanet, bittercress, hedge mustard, cow parsley, common field speedwell, ground ivy, daisy, lesser celandine, red deadnettle, marsh marigold, cuckoo flower (lady’s smock), field wood-rush, groundsel, chickweed, coltsfoot, primrose, shepherd’s purse, forget-me-not, lords and ladies.
Grass/sedge tussock sedge, greater pond sedge, whitlow grass, annual meadow grass
Trees (in flower) blackthorn, willows, wild cherry, wild plum, horse chestnut
Birds robin, chiff-chaff, mallards, long tailed tits, blackbirds, dunnocks, chaffinches, greater spotted woodpecker, woodpigeons, wren, goldfinches, bullfinch, starling, blackcap, jackdaws, greenfinch, magpie.
Other various unidentified lichens and small fungi, common tamarisk moss, brown trout (river Dun), peacock butterfly, bumble bees, Altica lythri (blue beetles) possible identification


13 May 2014 – Morgan’s Hill WWT reserve, near Cherhill SU025672

Plants (in flower) cowslip, dandelion, daisy, bulbous buttercup, meadow buttercup, creeping buttercup, common speedwell, germander speedwell, chickweed, cow parsley, herb robert, campion, Lords & Ladies arum, stinging nettle, silverweed, herb bennet, white deadnettle, salad burnet, sorrel, field forget-me-not, garlic mustard, ground ivy, rock rose, wild mignonette, chalk milkwort, early purple orchid, common twayblade, coltsfoot, thistle (? nodding), meadow saxifrage
Grass/sedge (in flower) upright brome grass, spring sedge, ribwort, hoary plantain, smooth meadow grass, cocksfoot, glaucous sedge
Trees (in flower) beech, elder, hawthorn, whitebeam, wayfarer
Birds (heard) dunnock, song thrush, willow warbler, chaffinch, robin, blackcap, chiffchaff (seen) crow, woodpigeon, blackbird
Other soldier beetle, two different black beetles (unidentified) – one large round and one long black (possibly a Rove beetle), buff-tailed bumblebee, large white butterfly, orange tip butterfly, peacock butterfly, various snails.

10.06. 2014 – Bristow Bridge, Pewsey Vale. SU151615

Plants (in flower) herb bennet, ground elder, dog rose, milkthistle, red campion, hogweed, herb robert, creeping buttercup, cornus (dogwood), stinging nettle, bush vetch, forget-me-not, goose grass, three-nerved sandwort, garlic mustard, greater stitchwort, germander speedwell, ground ivy, elderflower, greater celandine (double), white bryony, white deadnettle, broad leafed dock, cow parsley, hedge woundwort, perennial cornflower, daisy, bramble, spear thistle, guelder rose, green alkanet, yellow oxalis, common cat’s ear, sowthistle, ribwort plantain, groundsel, horseradish, rough chervil, hemlock water dropwort, prickly sowthistle, yellow flags.
Grass/sedge (in flower) rough meadow grass, Yorkshire fog, cock’s foot grass,Remote Sedge and Wood Sedge,
Ferns male fern, hart’s tongue fern
Trees (in flower) holly, common lime, Swedish whitebeam
Birds (heard) long tailed tit, song thrush, robin,(seen) wren, woodpigeon, blackbird, moorhen, mallard ducks with young
Other frog, buff tailed bumblebee, red burnet moth, hover fly, speckled wood butterfly, grey squirrel, banded snail, green bottle fly,

24.06.14 – Ham Hill (WWT Reserve) SU333617

Plants (in flower) pineapple weed, hoary plantain, ribwort, common poppy, dock, common sorrel, hedge woundwort, hogweed, stinging nettle, white deadnettle, forget-me-not, meadow buttercup, common cleavers, herb robert, red campion, white campion, privet, common spotted orchid, germander speedwell, bird’s foot trefoil, bramble, spear thistle, St John’s wort, lady’s bedstraw, elderflower, red clover, sorrel, pyramidal orchid, common twayblade, ox-eye daisy, wild thyme, bugle, dog rose, white clover, nipplewort, lady’s bedstraw, rough hawkbit, yellow rattle
Grasses (in flower) meadow fescue, cock’s foot
Butterflies small tortoiseshell, meadow brown, ringlet, large skipper, marble white
Birds (heard) song thrush, yellowhammer, wren, blackbird(seen) skylark, buzzard, pheasant
Other greenbottle fly, grasshopper, various snails, buff-tailed bumble bee

8.07.14 – Ramsbury (river Kennet & Spring Hill) meet SU 269714.

Plants (in flower) white deadnettle, daisy, bindweed, nipplewort, smooth hawkbit, hedge woundwort, hogweed, stinging nettle, cat’s ear, ribwort, bramble, cut-leaved cranesbill, greater plantain, prickly sowthistle, creeping buttercup, common mallow, field forget-me-not, hedge mustard, sowthistle, petty spurge, thale cress, herb robert, white clover, pearlwort, purple toadflax, cleavers, round- leaved cranesbill, honeysuckle, sorrel, hemp agrimony, cultivated dogwood, hemlock water dropwort, water forget-me-not, watercress, water speedwell (blue), herb bennet, comfrey, red clover, agrimony, silverweed, broad-leaved dock, ladies’ bedstraw, marjoram, red bartsia, black knapweed, field poppy, yellow rattle, black bindweed, hoary willowherb, wild carrot, bird’s foot trefoil, perforated St John’s wort, hairy St John’s wort, yellow vetchling, dandelion, enchanter’s nightshade, common spotted orchid, self heal, ragwort, field scabious, small scabious, tufted vetch, hedge bedstraw, wood dock, chickweed, rough hawkbit, field bindweed, creeping thistle, spear thistle, rock rose, black medick, greater knapweed, black knapweed, small knapweed, clustered bellflower, pyramidal orchid, common twayblade, fodder burnet, germander speedwell, Southern marsh orchid, common valerian, lesser trefoil, thyme-leaved speedwell.
Grasses (in flower) cock’s foot, rye, false brome, annual meadow, canary reed, quaking, common bent, smaller cat’s tail, crested dog’s tail, timothy, soft brome, false oat
Butterflies meadow brown, green veined
Birds (heard) yellowhammer, blackbird, skylark(seen) red kite (2), kestrel, mute swan, woodpigeon, swift, swallow, linnet, mallards, sparrows
Other buff-tailed bumble bee, soldier beetles, King Alfred’s cake fungi

12.08.14 – Barbury Castle meet SU156761.

Plants (in flower) knotgrass, daisies, broad leaved dock, dandelion, hogweed, stinging nettle, prickly sowthistle, herb bennet, pineapple weed, shepherd’s purse, white clover, meadow buttercup, lesser trefoil, creeping thistle, autumn hawkbit, red clover, smooth hawksbeard, meadow cranesbill, red bartsia, small scabious, rough hawkbit, stemless (dwarf) thistle, burnet saxifrage, bird’s foot trefoil, ladies bedstraw, wild thyme, common knapweed, ragwort, wild carrot, spear thistle, ribwort plantain, yarrow, autumn gentian, fairy flax, devil’s bit scabious, silverweed, welted thistle, squinancywort, self heal, thyme leaved sandwort, mignonette, eyebright, tormentil
Grasses (in flower) annual meadow, Italian rye, cocksfoot
Butterflies common blue, Adonis blue, skipper
Other buff-tailed bumble bee, grasshopper, plant gall (thistle)

9.09.14 – Knap Hill SU 115638.

Plants (in flower) knotgrass, creeping thistle, white deadnettle, silverweed, white clover, dandelion, hogweed, red clover, common mouse-ear, cow parsley, pineapple weed, stinging nettle, woody nightshade, greater knapweed, yarrow, smooth hawksbeard, meadow cranesbill, ragwort, hedge bedstraw, devil’s bit scabious, wild basil, harebell, St John’s wort, rock rose, red bartsia, melilot, self heal, wild carrot, bird’s foot trefoil, hawkweed bristly ox-tongue, rough hawkbit, ribwort plantain, clustered bellflower, small scabious, hedge woundwort, meadow buttercup, autumn hawkbit, daisy, fairy flax, black (common) knapweed, restharrow, eyebright, chalk milkwort, ox-eye daisy, autumn gentian, greater plantain, stemless thistle, sainfoin, burnet saxifrage.Berries – spindle, hawthorn, elder, wild privet, rosehip.
Grasses (in flower) meadow, Yorkshire fog, quaking grass (in seed)
Butterflies small tortoiseshell, small white, common blue
Birds chaffinch, crows, raptor, robin
Other buff-tailed bumble bee, lizard, crane flies, grasshopper, ladybird, banded snails, garden snail

On 8 April 2014 the Flora & Fauna group saw these beetles along the banks of the Kennet & Avon Canal, Freeman’s Marsh, Hungerford.

Searching a few British beetle websites was unsuccessful until I found a site – “UK Safari” with a photo and description of a Bloody-nosed beetle.
If any U3A members can confirm (or dispute) this identification please let us know using the contact form on this website, or click here.
Blue Beetle please click on the photo is you want to see the full size photograph.
Size:  Approx 18 to 23mm long
Distribution:  Found in many parts of Britain, especially the southern counties of England and the coastal areas of Wales
Months seen:  April to September.  Mostly active at night
Life Span:  Approximately 9 – 12 months
Habitat:  Grassland and heathland
Food:  Cleavers (goosegrass) and Ladies Bedstraw
Special features:  Bloody-nosed beetles are one of the largest leaf beetles found in the UK.  They can sometimes be found walking slowly over grassy areas in spring and early summer.  The body has an irridescent blue-black sheen, and the antennae have the appearance of a tiny black string of pearls.When viewed from above, the line down the centre of its abdomen gives the appearance of wing casings, but in fact the two halves are fused together.  This is a flightless beetle.

U3A Kennet – Natural History Group – 2013

12 March 2013 – St Katherine’s Church, Savernake  SU 252649

Fungi Birch polypore, scarlet elf cup
Plants snowdrops +++, dog’s mercuryunidentified ferns and mosses
Trees Yew (in flower), Hazel (catkins)
Other snails (clusters at bases of lime trees)birds – buzzard, great tit, pheasant, jay (heard)

9 April 2013 – Wilcot  SU 143611

Plants snowdrops, wood anemones, celandines, groundsel, dog’s mercury, daisies, red deadnettle, dandelion, ground ivy, hairy bittercress, laurel (flower buds), box (in flower)
Trees Yew (in flower), Hazel (catkins)

14 May 2013 – West Woods, Lockeridge  SU 153673

Plants in flower – bluebells+++, wood anemones, celandines, dandelions, garlic mustard, primroses, yellow archangel, cow parsley
  not yet in flower – herb Bennet (geum), Enchanters nightshade, Lords-and-Ladies (arum)
Trees Oak (in flower)

11 June 2013 – Knap Hill  SU 115638

Plants   in flower – common spotted and greater butterfly orchids

birdsfoot, lesser and hop trefoil, chickweed, common and germander speedwell, cow parsley, cowslip, daisies, dandelion, field fleawort, greater, hoary and ribwort plantains, hairy bittercress, kidney vetch, knotgrass, meadow and bulbous buttercups, milkwort, nettle, pignut, red clover, salad burnet, smooth hawksbeard, spear and welted thistles, stitchwort, yellow rattle
grasses – cocksfoot, barren brome, annual meadow, rough meadow, bent, crested dogs tail, soft brome and quaking grass.


Trees spindle, hawthorn
Other skylark, buzzard, meadow pipit, corn bunting, swallow, crowsrabbitsoldier beetle

9 July 2013 – Seven Barrows, Lambourn Downs    SU 329828

Grasses Timothy, rye, meadow, cocksfoot, false oat, quaking, Yorkshire fog
Plants ribwort, hogweed, curled dock, nettle, field bindweed, meadow buttercup, dandelion, silverweed, harrow, white clover, hop trefoil, creeping buttercup, ragwort, melilot, creeping thistle, yellow rattle, mignonette, red clover, birds foot trefoil, lady’s bedstraw, self heal, scabious, greater plantain, mugwort, hedge woundwort, agrimony, tufted vetch, soft restharrow, meadowsweet, dog rose, prickly sowthistle, greater willowherb, elderflower, wall lettuce, herb bennet, herb robert, field forgetmenot, greater mullein, mayweed, rock rose, ? hairy hawkbit, ?hoary plantain, meadow cranesbill, white campion, woody nightshade (bittersweet) burdock, kidney vetch, thyme, ox-eye daisy, salad burnet, hedge bedstraw, field speedwell, chickweed, greater knapweed, fairy flax
Other birds – Red Kites (2), skylark, buzzard, blackbird, robin, jay (heard)insects – crickets (heard), ladybird 7 spot, small ground beetle, red & buff tailed bumblebees, garden chafer, banded snailsbutterflies – skipper, ringlet, gatekeeper, green veined white, marbled white, variable burnet, six spot burnets, small cranefly

 13 August 2013 – Hungerford Common – Denford Mill  SU 351 681

Grasses Meadow, Yorkshire fog, cat’s tail (Timothy), rye, knot.Canary reed.  ?hard rush
Plants pignut, greater willowherb, self heal, bramble, prickly sowthistle, purple loosestrife, burdock, woody nightshade, mugwort, stinging nettle, goose grass, dock, woundwort, forget-me-not, red clover, gypsy wort, water mint, large bittercress, St John’s wort (square stalked), chickweed, Oxford ragwort, hemp agrimony, common figwort, fleabane, monkey flower, meadow buttercup, marsh thistle, lesser hawkbit, pineapple mayweed, spear thistle, orange balsam, greater plantain, wild arum (berries) cut-leaved mallow, lemon balm.
Trees Alder and Walnut in fruit
Other birds – coot, swans, greenfinchbutterflies – Common blue

10 September 2013 – Freeman’s Marsh, Froxfield SU 320685 

Grasses reed grass
Plants mugwort, yarrow, hawkweed, ivy, orange hawkweed (fox & cubs), hedge woundwort, stinging nettle, white campion, bramble, field bindweed, white clover, creeping buttercup, red dead-nettle, dock, great willowherb, yellow vetch, orange balsam, watermint, hoary willowherb, meadow vetchling, red clover, red bartsia, marestail, persicaria, chickweed, mimulus, water forgetmenot, ragwort, meadow buttercup, dandelion, white dead-nettle, purple loosestrife, hemp agrimony, gipsywort, creeping thistle, common comfrey (cream), St John’s wort, honeysuckle, bittersweet, daisy, ragged robin, forgetmenot, marsh marigold, tubular water dropwort, skullcap, figwort, cinquefoil, self heal, watercress, meadowsweet, water speedwell.
Other red kite, blue tits, large & small white butterflies, large & small craneflies, greenbottle fly, meadow grasshopper, Robin’s pincushion wasp gall on wild rose, Thistle Gall (Creeping Thistle gall fly)

8 October 2013 – Stanton Park, South Marston  SU 178896

Fungi honey fungus, sulphur tuft plus numerous small unidentified fungi
Plants(in flower) white clover, yarrow, white deadnettle, greater bindweed, chickweed, hogweed, doves foot cranesbill, sowthistle, watermint, herb robert, cyclamen, bramble, ivy, hemp agrimony, groundsel, meadow buttercup, daisy, silverweed, burdock, spear thistle, pineapple weed, greater plantainberries – dewberries, bryony
Trees(in flower)  
Other red wasp (nest), ladybird 15 spot, toadlets, froglet, springtailbirds: long tailed tits, grey wagtail, black headed gulls, coots, mallards, mute swan + 6 cygnets, goldcrest (heard), nuthatch (heard)

U3A Kennet – Natural History Group – 2012

13 March – Ramsbury (Oldfield Copse) SU257716

Fungi King Alfred’s cakes (Daldinia concentrica) (usually on dead ash),
Plants wood anemones &  bluebells (in bud), primrose, dog’s mercury, red dead nettle, hazel catkins (past best but female flowers showing red), spurge laurel (daphne laureola) –cluster of small yellow/green flowers)

10 April – Stanton Park (Swindon) SU178896

Trees elder, alder, yew, horse chestnut, sycamore, holly, beech, hawthorn (in leaf), aspen (type of poplar), willow (sallow ?), flowering currants (many ? garden escapes), laurel, lonicera (tiny leaf) box
Plants flowering – daisies, dandelion, celandines, kingcups, red deadnettle, hairy bitter cress, ground ivy, dogs mercury, coltsfoot, common field speedwell, bluebell (1), grape hyacinth, white deadnettle, butcher’s broom (minute flowers)not flowering – arum, jack by the hedge (garlic mustard), snowdrops (over), stinging nettles, burdock, goose grass, ground elder, corn (small shoot)
Other coots, mute swans, mallards, moorhen, gt crested grebe, buzzard (3)singing in woodland –  wren, blackcap, blue tit, chiff chaff, blackbird 

8 May – Aldbourne (Tom’s Rosetta) SU222759

Trees maple, norwegian maple, sycamore, spindle, hawthorn, blackthorn, holm oak (planted), elderberry, rowan, hazel, wild briar, gooseberry bushes, hops, guelder rose
Fungi jew’s ear (on elder)
Plants in flower – primrose, bluebells, wood anemones, cow parsley, nettles, red campion, dogs mercury, goldilocks buttercup, garlic, jack by hedge, dark garden periwinkle, herb robert, senical (?), bush vetch, woodruff, yellow archangel, wood speedwell, wild arum, ground ivy, celandines, daisies, dandelions

12 June –  Hungerford Marsh SU352684

Trees osier & goat willow, alder, elder (in flower), copper beech
Plants in flower – stinging nettle, common sorrel, chickweed, campion, meadow buttercup, hedge mustard, hemlock, ribwort plantain, prickly sowthistle, smooth sowthistle, common comfrey, red & white clover, marsh valerian, germander speedwell, bittersweet, meadow vetchling (yellow), common winter cress (?), cuckoo flower (milkmaids), dog rose, herb bennet, cut-leaved cranesbill, water forget-me-not, ground ivy, white deadnettle, water mint, creeping, marsh & spear thistles, yellow iris,not in flower – bistrot (leaves), brook lime, gtr plantain, meadowsweet, rosebay willow herb, cow parsley (over), figwort, hemp agrimony, ragwort
Grasses hard rush, perennial ryegrass, branched bur reed, annual meadow, rough meadow, cock’s foot, soft brome, barren brome, false oat (not fully open), yorkshire fog, creeping bent, slender foxtail, distant or remote sedge.
Other tern, heron, coot, mallard

10 July – Barbury Castle SU157761

Trees wayfarer, hawthorn, field maple (all seed)
Plants hawkweed, ribwort plantain, white & red clover, goatsbeard (seed), creeping buttercup, hop trefoil, daisy, greater plantain, dandelion, hawksbeard, dock, hogweed, spear thistle, stinging nettle, thistle (?), speedwell germander, yarrow, ox-eye daisy, wild carrot, groundsel, rest harrow (spiny), chickweed, common cats ear (mouse ear hawkweed ?), creeping thistle, greater knapweed, bramble, sow thistle, woundwort,
Other 6 spot burnet,

14 August – Marshland at Stonebridge Lane, Marlborough SU194692

Trees Weeping willow (osier), aspen (v large), elder, alder, sycamore
Fungi Oyster mushroom, Dryad’s saddle
Plants Meadowsweet, gt hairy willowherb, stinging nettles, meadow buttercup (leaves) creeping thistle, spear thistle, redshank (blackened leaves) broadleaved dock, clustered dock, garlic mustard (leaves, white deadnettle, white clover, Oxford ragwort, silver weed, herb robert, doves foot cranesbill, bittersweet, hogweed, angelica, hedge bindweed, common comfrey, butterbur (leaf), greater plantain, pineapple weed, perennial sowthistle,
Grasses Reed sweet, tufted hair, timothy, cat’s tail, perennial rye
Other 2 tiny frogs

11 September 2012 – Knap Hill, near Alton Barnes SU 115637

Plants red bartsia, deadnettle, ragwort, great plantain, nipplewort, white & red clover, dandelion, creeping buttercup, pineapple weed, hogweed, woody nightshade, hawkweed, gt knapweed, pignut (?), harebell, creeping thistle, wild basil, agrimony, scabious, common rockrose, St John’s wort & hairy, melilot, yellow wort, meadow vetchling, hop trefoil, knot grass, meadow cranesbill, selfheal, clustered bellflower
Other Adonis blue & meadow brown butterflies, lizard, swallows

9 October 2012 – Oliver’s Castle, Devizes SU005648

Trees Silver birch, ash, beech and box(Some tree bark greatly damaged suggesting squirrel stripping.)
Fungi Artist’s and other bracketsHorsehair parachute. Angel’s, Grooved and other bonnetsElfcup (green wood cup) – one piece of decaying wood had greenish blue stain used in Tunbridgeware.
Plants dog’s mercury, wild basil999