Places to see art in the locality

Visitors to the site may be surprised and interested to learn of a number of places to enjoy art in the area.

The following suggestions come from our group members and are offered without favour or endorsement. To avoid disappointment please check on line for the latest details and opening times before visiting any of the locations. The approximate distances shown are from Marlborough to the location.

The West Berks and North Hampshire Open Studios event for 2017 is taking place  from 29 April to 31 May. Part of this event is the The Hungerford Area Art Trail which (approximately) covers the area between Marlborough and Newbury  A list of opening dates and times and can be found on their website. Entrance is free.

Swindon Museum and Art Gallery is situated in the New Town area of Swindon and holds a variety of exhibitions throughout the year. (12 miles)

The Stanley Spencer Gallery is situated in Cookham and houses an extensive collection of his art.  (55 miles)

Sandham Memorial Chapel is famous for its  “visionary” painting by Stanley Spencer and is part of the National Trust. It is located just to the south of Newbury in the village of Burghclere. Members report that even though parking is limited in this location it is definitely worth a visit.  (23 miles)

You may also be interested to learn about  the Kennet Decorative and and Fine Arts Society who organise a series of Art related lectures, workshops and study days at the  Ellendune Centre, Wroughton. (11 miles)

(Updated: KB 15 May 2017)