Science Technology and Engineering Group

The Science Technology and Engineering Group meets on the second Wednesday afternoon of each month.

Are you curious about the amazing universe and planet we find ourselves in, and wish to learn, or keep up with, what we are discovering about it?  Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to know how something works or is made?  Some people are terrified by science and technology but that is usually the fault of the explanations and also that you don’t feel like asking questions.  In a small friendly group of people in the same boat that won’t matter.  In fact, the more questions the better, as that is what discovery is all about.

The programme for the coming year can be downloaded here:  
2017-18 session programme

Material from recent meetings:

14th March 2018Colloids and SurfactantsColloids and surfactants
14th February
Women in Science
Marie Curie
Virginia Apgar
Women in Science
Marie Curie
Virginia Apgar
10th January 2018FractalsFractals
8th NovemberNeutron ScatteringNeutron Scattering An Introduction
11th OctoberLadies with LampsLadies with Lamps
12th JulyThe Road to the Hydrogen BombRoad to the Hydrogen Bomb
14th JuneExoplanets and the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Life
10th MaySeven veils - A glimpse of reality?Ask Nick Stedman for link to video of presentation
12th April 2017The Life of Isaac Newton
8th March 2017Bonds and Bonding in Atoms and Molecules by Randall RichardsBonding in molecules
8th February 2017Out of Africa - The origin of Homo Sapiens by Robin Clegg
Out of Africa
11th January 2017Influential Victorian EngineersInfluential Victorian Engineers-slides&Notes
14th DecemberDNA: The secret of lifeDNA Slides
9th November 2016Ultrahaptics: Projected sensationUltrahaptics
12th October 2016The Evolution of Steam Engines at Crofton Pumping Station
13th July 2016Recycled Paper Engineering
8th June 2016The InternetThe Internet
11th May 2016A History of Atomic Structure Development
(until 1939)
Atomic Structure Development
13th April 2016The Fundamentals of PolymersPolymers
9th March 2016Planned session replaced by film on Quantum TheoryAsk Nick Stedman for link
10th February 2016The Fracking FactsFracking Facts
13th January 2016The Origin of the ElementsThe Elements
9th December 2015The History of ComputingComputersHistory-slides&notes
11th November 2015EnergyEnergy talk slideshow